Why did you choose the name "32 Bright Clouds"?


32: 32 Beethoven Piano Sonatas, the bread and butter of the piano repertoire. 32 new works from around the world, each drawing upon some connection with one of the 32 Sonatas.

Bright Clouds: I chose the name “Bright Clouds”, with its interplay of light and dark, thinking of the power of music to nurture and bring forth light where there's darkness. The expression "Bright Clouds" can be found in ancient Zen Buddhist texts meaning "the entire world covered with brightness of wisdom"

Beethoven is known to have spent much time in nature, taking long walks and deriving from them the inspiration for musical ideas depicting the awesome power of nature and our place in it. In a similar spirit, I've selected a name that connects us with the beauty, mystery and energy of the natural world around us.