32 Bright Clouds: Beethoven Conversations Around the World is a global music-commissioning, performing and recording project. Curated and performed by pianist Yael Weiss, this groundbreaking project commissions new works from 32 countries of conflict and secluded areas spanning the globe, all united through musical themes from Beethoven. 32 Bright Clouds aims to harness music’s great power for unity and peace. 

All new compositions from around the world are unified by a single “Peace” motif from Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, creating a cohesive cycle of works. The motif was selected because of Beethoven’s compelling inscription "A Call for Inward and Outward Peace" above the notes. Beethoven's dedication expresses the overall essence, purpose, and character of 32 Bright Clouds.  More



"A Call for Inward and Outward Peace"

- Ludwig Van Beethoven


September 17th, 2019 32 Bright Clouds Recital at Southwestern University , Georgetown TX

October 28, 2019 32 Bright Clouds Recital at the Hudson Valley Music Club, Dobbs Ferry NY

March 3, 2020 32 Bright Clouds Recital at the Glema Mahr Center for the Arts, Madisonville KY

March 19, 2020 32 Bright Clouds Recital at the Smithsonian Freer Gallery, Washington DC





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Yael Weiss showed herself to be a pianist who delves deeply and tellingly into that cloudy area where fantasy morphs into improvisation, inventiveness being common to both.”
— The Washington Post

“remarkably powerful and intense… fine technique and musicianship in the service of an arresting array of music”
— The New York Times

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